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Do you want to learn contemporary dance in an accepting, fun, engaging environment? Zoom Dance offers online contemporary dance classes and video tutorials, from our home to yours.

These classes are designed with home spaces in mind so you don't need to worry if you just have a small area.

Classes are conducted via Zoom. You can have your video on/off or change it up depending on how you feel.

Each class will be taken by one of four professional teachers: Richard Causer, Fiona Cullen, Elise May or Anastasia Woolmer.

Monday is a special class taken by two to four teachers together, taking turns with the exercises. It is a great feel good class so you can start your week with a bang. Classes on other days are taught by one of the four teachers, which one(s) you get is a lucky dip.

Join in a single class, or trial becoming a Zoom Dance Member with a weekly membership that gives you unlimited access to our live classes, class recordings and new tutorial videos each month so you can learn faster.


Beverley Giles, OAM

Some good things have come about because of COVID-19 and Zoom Dance is definitely one of them.

If you have not given it a try, do yourself a favour, give it a go. You don’t have to turn on the video if you don’t want to, sometimes I don’t.

I don’t know what I would have done, especially during lock down, without being able to look forward, to the joy, the fun, the sense of achievement I get from my twice weekly sessions with the fabulous four at Zoom Dance. It begins as soon as I click on, hear the music and see the smiling faces.

Even if I start out feeling low, it doesn’t last. Once I start to move, my arthritic joints don’t matter, not much anyway. I can’t twirl quite how I’d like to but nobody is judging me, only ever supporting, encouraging, sharing their skills.

Zoom Dance is a life changer for me, I am so glad the classes will continue, they are highpoints of my week and I love what we do and each time can’t wait for the next class.

Jodie Schubert, Brisbane

ZoomDance has been my contemporary dance saviour and the highlight of my week during covid-19!

Even now that I'm also back doing some studio classes, it's been wonderful to be able to keep dancing from my lounge room a few times a week.

I'm extremely grateful and blessed for the opportunity to be taught by these four incredible, experienced, professional, fun and encouraging dance teachers who clearly love and excel at what they do.


If you’re seeking online dance classes the fabulous-four Zoom Dancers are the cat’s pyjamas.

Beamed real-time into my living room their smiling faces and gentle encouragement are a welcome solace in isolation.

The fun exercises are nicely challenging, have aided my fitness and flexibility and kept me connected to the joyful world of dance.

Tash Hayes

"I am so pleased I found Zoomdance".

I tried Zoom Dance as I needed my dance fix with studios closed. What is a girl to do but go online.

I am so pleased I found Zoomdance. I was so surprised how I could follow the guidance of these beautiful teachers in front of a screen and how easily my living room became a dance space.

Credit to the teachers for teaching us they have been so adaptable and accommodating in the space we have available and appreciating what our bodies are able to do.

I look forward to moving with zoom dance for a long time to come.

Claire Dunglison

Thank you all for another great Zoom Dance class! Feeling super pumped to start the day now! 😄

As someone with no dance background that moves as stiff as a robot, I’m thoroughly enjoying these classes!

If anyone new is reading this, I highly recommend you give these classes a go! You won’t regret it!

I love Zoom Dance as it’s something for everyone! The teachers are fantastic and the classes are heaps of fun!


"At the end of class I have had a total body workout and feel wonderful".

I am an old girl and a total beginner to contemporary dance and it shows!
I have no "turn out" so my seconde feet position is, yes, quite ugly. However, it doesn't matter a hoot because I can turn off the zoom video whenever I like and just flow and enjoy the lovely dance moves created by these amazing teachers; greats of Australian dance.
At the end of class I have had a total body workout and feel wonderful. Thank you for all your tips on technique; I will try to make you proud. It is such a privilege to be part of the classes.


Breaking the Covid dancing drought for me, Zoom dance was far and away the closest to a real class I could find in my loungeroom. Even though we are back in the studio, I still Zoomdance every week to share the unique energy and creativity of these 4 wonderful people. What a bonus not having to go anywhere to capture that joy!!


That was fun. Anastasia quickly responded to my queries and I was joined up in a jiffy.

Richard is a very patient dance coach. Even in the beginner class he will have you breaking a good sweat. It’s also good mental exercise. There’s routines to learn, and body memory to acquire. As a member you can replay the recorded classes to dance them again and deepen your recall.

You do need a decent sized (about 4m x 4m) free area with good vertical clear space in front of your TV or monitor. I found myself constantly adjusting steps to fit our small room and taking care with my arms to avoid smacking our art deco light.

You also need to set up Zoom, create a Zoom ID and have your device connected to your TV or monitor and ready to go so you can join the meeting. A camera is helpful so the instructor can keep an eye on you. Richard did use this to adjust the lesson on the fly to keep his class engaged so even as a newbie I wasn’t left hopelessly behind the whole time.

This is a lovely and mentally stimulating way to exercise. The Zoom Dance team seem to really have their act together. They run it in a businesslike manner: they are responsive, engaged and helpful. I’m happy to recommend this.


What a wonderful concept you've created with the membership offerings. I've now had a chance to experience classes taught by each of the four teachers, either live or recorded, and I've loved them all! I feel so fortunate to be able to get such expert tuition.

The extra videos are so helpful too. Having the flexibility to do a class via the recording at a time that suits me, in my home, and at my own pace is amazing! Such accessibility is a game changer for me.

Many thanks to you Fiona, Elise, Anastasia and Richard for all your efforts, and for the enthusiasm and warmth you bring to your brilliant teaching👌. It's such a joy to dance with you.😀

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Why contemporary dance is our favorite?

(and why we hope you will learn it too)...

Ok, so contemporary dance is partly our favorite because it's our profession. That's true, but why did we choose it in the first place?

It feels great to do. It is more free than ballet and suitable for every age and physicality. It is open, healthy and inclusive.

And it's just plain old good for your soul too!

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