Zoom Dance Membership

What do you get for $19 a week?

Unlimited access
Unlimited live class access. We always provide at least 4 live classes per week and you are welcome to attend them ALL.

Recordings of all classes
Can't make your lesson? Don't worry, each week all of your zoom classes will be recorded and made available for that month from your dashboard. Perfect if you miss one you like or want to ‘redo’ one.

Exclusive training videos
Each month you also get several new videos that you can access from your dashboard.

The aim of these videos is to further your learning and enjoyment of the live classes. It will be a bit like doing a dance course that hones in on what you learnt in class and expands it further.

The content can also be guided by requests from you. You tell us what would be most beneficial and we will make it for you. You can watch as few or as many as you want, whenever it suits you.

You have your own secure dashboard where you access all classes and videos.

Zoom Dance Community
Best of all, you become part of our Zoom Dance Community. A place that we personally love. It is a learning and fun forum without any judgement or prejudice.

Billed monthly, cancel anytime
All of this fitness, fun and learning is only $19 AUD per week. You are not locked into any contract and can cancel at any time.

Because most months are slightly more than 4 weeks (thanks, ancient Romans!) we even out the cost so the billed amount is always the same. $19 a week x by 52 weeks divided by 12 months = the billed amount being $82.33 AUD per month.

Your monthly billing date will be based on the day of the month that you sign up on. For example, if you sign up on November 15th, your next billing date will be December 15th. So you always get a full month.

This month's goodies list

  • 1


    • How to use your membership

    • Indemnity Agreement

  • 2

    January Zoom live class links

    • January Timetable


    • Mon 25th Jan 7pm Brisbane Australia Time - All levels

    • Wed 27th Jan 6.30pm Brisbane Australia Time - Intermediate

    • Fri 29th Jan 10am Brisbane Australia Time - Beginner

    • Sat 30th Jan 8am Brisbane Australia Time - All levels

  • 3

    January video extras

    • When I wake up in the morning...

    • Knees

    • A Play Off Balance

    • New Years Resolutions

    • Let's stretch!

    • Lengthening and stabilising

    • Upstage Downstage

    • Alignment for Contemporary Dance

  • 4

    December / January live class recordings

    • Wed 2nd Dec 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Fri 4th Dec 10am - Beginner

    • Sat 5th Dec 8am - All levels

    • Mon 7th Dec 10am - All levels

    • Wed 9th Dec 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Fri 11th Dec 10am - Beginner

    • Sat 12th Dec 8am - All levels

    • Mon 14th Dec 10am - All levels

    • Wed 16th Dec 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Fri 18th Dec 10am - Beginner

    • Sat 19th Dec 8am - All levels

    • Mon 21st Dec 10am - All levels

    • Wed 30th Dec 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Sat 2nd Jan 8am - All levels

    • Mon 4th Jan 7pm - All levels

    • Wed 6th Jan 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Fri 8th Jan 10am - Beginner

    • Sat 9th Jan 8am - All levels

    • Mon 11th Jan 7pm - All levels

    • Wed 13th Jan 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Fri 15th Jan 10am - Beginner

    • Sat 16th Jan 8am - All levels

    • Mon 18th Jan 7pm - All levels

    • Wed 20th Jan 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Fri 22nd Jan 10am - Beginner

    • Sat 23rd Jan 8am - All levels

    • Mon 25th Jan 7pm - All levels

    • Wed 27th Jan 6.30pm - Intermediate

    • Fri 29th Jan 10am - Beginner

    • Sat 30th Jan 8am - All levels


  • I am a beginner, can I join an all levels class?

    Yes! All levels classes are exactly that. They are pitched so that beginners don't feel too lost, while those who are more advanced get a good workout.
    When you are ready, you can try out intermediate.

  • How do I use Zoom?

    Zoom is very straightforward to use. You click on the link that you are given and follow the prompts to class. Please note the first time you access it, you will be prompted to download it. You can see more detailed instructions and help on our tech page.

  • Do I have to show my face on the video?

    No, it is up to you. Some people have videos on, some off. Sometimes students switch between the two. We won't show you dancing on the recordings. Only your face shows up right in the beginning and end when we are all talking. So if you want to opt out of that you can just turn your video on when the class is in motion.

  • Am I too old or too beginner to dance?

    NO! You are never to old or inexperienced to enjoy all that contemporary dance has to offer you.

  • Can kids join?

    Zoom Dance classes are made for those who are 16+. However, if you do have a child who you think would like to attend please email us on zoomdanceinfo@gmail.com as we do have some children who attend.

  • Will I always have access to recorded classes, no matter when I join?

    Yes. Each month you will have access to two weeks classes from the month prior until mid month. You will also gain access to ALL the recordings to the month that you are in as they occur. This means you will always have classes at your disposal to enjoy when ever you want!

Prefer to pay upfront?

We get it, that works better for you.

3 months of unlimited Zoom Dance Membership in a once off payment.

Read our Indemnity Agreement here.