About us

Zoom Dance is a Covid baby born out of the need for ‘something to do, something to share and a way of staying connected,’ during a time where the world fell into a deep black hole!

Zoom Dance is for everyone. It is inclusive and aims to make contemporary dance accessible and enjoyable.

Led by 4 of Australia’s leading contemporary dance teachers who all have the experience, passion, drive and flair for making dance interesting. Zoom Dance is the perfect blend of energising fun, challenge, community, interactive learning, and kookiness.

We want to get hot and sweaty with you and with our powers combined, we want to share what we know, make you feel great and allow you to experience the joy that dance can provide.

Richard’s earliest memory of dancing was in the lounge room watching his mum and dad dancing together to ‘My Sharona’ by The Knack. This was the start of his lounge room dancing antics.

Little did he know at the time, this would be where his career would land him. He along with his sister Claire at a young age decided to put on weekly dance performances for his parents in their lounge room. Many of which are shamefully on VHS. Of course, it only seemed natural that he would go on and become a successfully trained dancer, choreographer and teacher.

After making his way into QUT with no experience or training, and coming out with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, the world was his oyster. Working primarily for Queensland’s leading contemporary dance company ‘Expressions Dance Company,’ he also made his way over to Europe to spread his wings and work with many companies and choreographers abroad.

Nominated for 4 Australian Dance awards and 1 Helpmann award for Best Male Dancer, Richard did what he had set out to achieve. 16 years on as a professional dancer his love and passion for the arts continues and now he aspires to share that joy with everyone else and make dance accessible to anyone who may be interested!

When she was little Fiona enjoyed being an autumn leaf swirling in the wind and a snowflake falling and floating through the air at Bodenwieser Dance Centre in Sydney.

Later Fiona joined the Tasmania Dance Co before the London School of Contemporary Dance lured her to the UK with the help of 2 scholarships for a year.

She stayed nine years touring extensively in the UK and Europe undertaking a range of work, both commercial and contemporary, from opera to independent dance companies.

Fiona was a founding member of La Bouche, a mixed-media music/dance/video group (signing to major record companies).

Her love of teaching saw her giving classes to various companies in the UK before returning to Australia where she’s spent the last 29 years in Brisbane teaching at Queensland University of Technology (winning a Dean’s Award 2009) and at Queensland Ballet's Professional Year, the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, Queensland Dance School of Excellence, Queensland National Ballet, 2ballerinas and Method X. She’s had fun being a guest teacher for various companies, including Bangarra Dance Theatre, Chunky Move Dance Company, DV8, Dance North, WAW Dance and was a regular teacher for Expressions Dance Company.

Fiona enjoys being as much behind the lens as in front of a camera these days. She’s been developing her photographic skills exploring the rich language of dance and performance through photography.

Teaching remains her first love along with a nice Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Anastasia’s dancing career kicked into high gear as a 5 year old at the German Club, starring in the can-can and various lederhosen recitals at the annual Schützenfest. 10 years after this encouraging start she graduated from the Australian Ballet School. She began her career working with the Queensland Ballet, then joined the Norwegian National Ballet dancing both principal and soloist roles.

Drawn to the creative freedom and collaborative nature of contemporary dance, Anastasia shocked her colleagues by moving to Sweden's Gothenburg Opera Ballet. Here she performed works by renowned contemporary choreographers including Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe and Ohad Naharin. Returning to Australia, Anastasia joined the acclaimed Australian Dance Theatre and danced in works by Garry Stewart.

After earning a Bachelor of Economics, Anastasia won a Prime Minister’s Australia Endeavour Award and worked in boutique investment banks.

Anastasia decided in 2016 to get a fit mind and began training in memory techniques as a mental athlete. Six months later she broke several Australian memory records and won the Australian Memory Championship, the first woman named as having the best memory in Australia.

She now teaches dance and memory techniques and appears as a memory expert on TV and radio, including as a Champion on Australian Survivor 2019. Anastasia delights in combining mind and body fitness and builds memory training techniques into her dance classes – but leaves out the lederhosen.

Elise is a dancer, choreographer and video artist, whose career spans two decades, working internationally and in Australia as an independent artist and as a performer and Assistant Artistic Director with Brisbane’s Expressions Dance Company.

Elise’s 2016 QUT Master of Arts (Research) investigated the use of moving image and digital media in live performance.

Her choreographic practice and research continues to investigate performance design, installation, moving image, site-specific and interdisciplinary contexts for contemporary dance and digital media.

Elise is an Associate Lecturer in Dance at QUT.

Aside from being a self-confessed dance nerd, Elise enjoys cooking (and generally anything food-related), yoga, cinema, (the odd camping trip) and watching youtube videos about building Tiny Houses.

Her two secret hidden talents are body-surfing and spotting continuity errors in b-grade movies.

The recent arrival of Elise’s baby girl Amélie means that further development of her hidden talents have been temporarily put on hold, however Zoom Dance provides a wonderful distraction from a whole new world of feeding, burping, sleeping, and dirty nappies!