Do I have to show my video or audio?

No you don't. Turning on video is up to you. And for most of the lesson your microphone is best muted.
You can choose to turn off video and / or audio at the time you join, or at any time during the lesson.
Look for the Video camera icon at the bottom left of the screen.

How do I use zoom?


After you join a session you will be sent an email congratulating you on your wise choice.

In the email is a link to the Zoom session.  Eg :


Where: Online Zoom Session
Video Conference: Join Zoom Meeting


Simply click the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ link and it will take you to the class.
If you haven't used Zoom before on this computer or device, it will offer to install. Do that by following the prompts. The zoom session should then start.


Zoom works on Windows and Mac computers, and on Apple and Android phones and devices.

Zoom has masses of online help , here is a good start :

If you have a smart TV you can probably get Zoom working on it as well :



I can't join the class


First click on the Zoom link sent to you in our email. This is sent soon after you book.
Note that meetings will be opened 15 minutes before the class start time.

We recommend joining 10 minutes early to sort out any connection issues.

If the class hasn’t started yet you will see a scheduled meeting message.

An example of meeting not yet started :
    "The Meeting is scheduled for ..."


I didn't get my email link. Help!


First, don't panic. We got you.   

We automagically send the link to the email address you provided on the booking page, in the first five minutes.
These emails are very reliable so it should get sent.
The class zoom link changes every session, so you can’t dust off last week’s link.

If you don't see the new email, don’t panic. Try these steps :

  • Look in your email junk folder, lots of emails go there to die.

  • Email us and we will resend your link. You may have mistyped your email address (a common problem) or your email may have been eaten as it travelled past the interweb monsters (less common but more exciting).
    Email us at

  • Use the contact form at the base of our home page to send us a message.

  • In the message tell us your booking date, your name and email address.

Zoom is not secure enough for me, can you use (insert hyper encrypted video thing here) instead?


Yeah, nah, it’s fairly secure - its cool. This is fun dance, not nuclear secrets : )